Summer/Pre-Fall Flashback 2012

Two pictures I took this summer. I really miss summer and I can't wait the time to pass by until it's summer again. It's so much more beautiful than the cold, rainy and cloudy days in winter, ugh. Pictures like these take me back to the warm, chilly and long days in summer I love. Winter is my time to feel lonely, I often get sad. Especially at New Year's Eve when all the couples were standing together and kissing while fireworks were around. This was the point i thought: You need good resolutions to change your life. 2013 could be your year, so get it started!

Do I have any New Year's resolutions? YES!
1. I want to find love. 
2.I want to stop thinking so much about everything that happens and just enjoy my life.
3. Stay good with my friends, but meet new people I can trust in, too. 
4. I want to eat healthy and clean and to train my body. 

The first week in 2013 is over and i haven't broke any of my resolutions yet. I hope I stay strong for the rest of the year, haha
Lots of love, P

I found my inspirations and maybe kind of resolutions very soon after the beginning of 2012-
Pre-Fall. That year was the dawning of a wonderful relationship..My boyfriend and I saw us for the first time and heretofore he is mine....ough, that sounds very poetical.
Besides I really miss summer, it's not just that I love the feeling of sand crunching between my toes, but I still love lots of summer trends like pastel colours or using so much lace as you can.
Now I'm wandering off the topic. 
My resolutions?-Very easy and open. I made a little list: 
  • Saving every month a few euros for buying then a fashionhighlight or trend like a new designbag or shoes
  •  Seeing my friends more often and maybe doing some stupid things..thihi
  • and in the end: To become more ambitionous and less moody

xxx, L

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