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SouDesire? - Totally YES.

You see a small choice of my favorite shoes above. No matter which color, form or sample, I love shoes, like every woman.
But most done has Loafers and Creepers to me (above)
A short explanation for those, who don't know who these schoes are.
Loafers are a kind of ballerina which has however a pulled up "shoe tongue"... hope you understand what I mean
Creepers are shoes with high or low plateau sole and mostly they're very swanky with a lacing. 
I woulh lie if I say my whole cupboard consists of those shoes. But time by time I develop a enthusiasm for these lovely Sous.
AND I hope I will stand for my resolution, which you can see here ,that I will save my money for buying some of those shoes one by one.

 Now a little announcement for some next posts.Be excited of them, because MaisonSou will meet some lookbookers from lookbook.nu
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xxx, L 

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