MaisonSou meets Jeroy Balmores

Jeroy Balmores is an 24 year old fashion blogger. I love  him and his inspiring outfits.
I think specially Jeroy is the best role model to show how self-confident you have to be in the world of fashion, so a big thank you to you Jeroy for having this lovely little interview with us!
Have a look on his terrific blog (houseofjeroy.blogspot.com), tumblr (houseofjeroy.tumblr.com/) and also his lookbook site (lookbook.nu/jeroy).

#1  What inspires you to your looks?
Tumblr. I love tumblr, the site has so many inspiring photos. I am spending so much time browsing tumblr. Andre Chang & Lauren Uy.

#2  What do you do when you're not on the camera? 
I work on my parents business. 
#3  When did you starting to blog about your fashion? 
My blog started at 2010, When I was graduated in college.
#4  Did you receive free gifts from a shop?
We love colors (http://www.welovecolors.com/) I made an article for them.
     -What was your first free gift?
       They sent me colored stockings. That was 2009-10.
     -How did you feel about this? 
       Who doesn't love free goodies. Lol 
#5  What do you wear when you're going to work?
 I try to dress comfortably, but chic at the same time.
#6  What's your favorite outfit at the moment?


#7  Whose style do your admire? 
Andre Chang, Lauren Uy. I love these two, They have quirky style too.
#8  Describe us a perfect daily outfit!
Wear stunning pair of heels but comfortable at the same time, wear something neon or pastels.

Merci, Jeroy <3

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